Wednesday, October 30, 2013

13 Month Fun :)

13 Month Fun

Went to the state fair with Mommy, Aunt Jenni and Jill and Momma T

Fair fun :)
Checking out the ducks
Petting zoo at the fair
Gender reveal parties...two more boys are being added to the boy mix
We did our first family 5K. Daddy came in 4th and let's just say Mommy and Caleb were one of the last 4 to cross the finish line :)
Sunday afternoon fun at Aunt Jenni and Uncle Scott's house
Playing on one of his new toys from his birthday 

Health: Caleb has 7 teeth now, and one that is popping through as we speak. Still has his pretty blonde hair like daddy and dark eyes like mommy. He got the dreaded stomach bug this month and decided to share it with his family :). He has had lots of diaper rashes I suppose  from having the stomach bug, the change to only whole milk, and LOTS more table foods.

Nutrition: Working on taking  away the bottle, but not having very good luck.  I've tried putting the milk in a sippy cup, but he doesn't like that idea. For breakfast he gets cereal, biscuits  yogurt, pancakes, waffles or french toast sticks. For lunch he eats whatever the big kids eat at Mrs.Kay's plus his milk. For dinner he is not a real big eater. Lots of nights its a granola bar, veggie sticks, etc. and he will still normally eat a baby food pouch with his dinner. He always has a bottle before bed :(...not for too much longer, Maybe.

Sleep: He is still a great sleeper. He normally goes to bed around 9 and wakes up around 6.He takes a big nap at Mrs. Kay's from around 12 to 2 in the afternoon, and sometimes he takes a nap in the car in the afternoons on our way home. If he takes that little short nap in the car he stays awake until about 9 at night, if not, he goes to bed earlier at night. 

Toys:   After the  big birthday bash Caleb got lots of new toys and is loving playing with them. They are still new to him :), so he gets excited every day when he comes upstairs and sees all of his toys. Still loving any kind of ball. 

Skills:  Unfortunately he is loving to say "no no" when we say no or he is about to do something he isn't supposed to do or half of the time anything I ask him the answer is " no no". He has even spanked his own hand several times and told himself "no no". Understands us when we say  bye bye,  night night,or you ready to take a bubbly bubbly bath.  Like I said he loves ball, so two of his favorite words are football and basketball. accompanied with the word touchdown. He points to what he wants and makes an attempt to try and say whatever it is that he is pointing to. A few more words we are saying pretty consistent are dog, kitty cat, bite and duck.

He loves to get my keys and go to the doors and pretend like he is locking the doors. It is so cute, but a little scary because it won't be long until he learns how to really do it. He likes to open and close doors and cabinets which scares me because I am afraid he is going to squish those little chunky fingers. He went straight from the wobble walk to a full speed run; never a dull moment in our house now. He loves to play  peek a boo. He brushes his teeth if we hand him a tooth brush and does not want to give the toothbrush back. This child hopefully won't have cavities :)
Clothing:  We can still wear some  12 clothes, but mainly wearing 12-18 month and 18 month clothes now. He is in a size 4 wide or 5 shoe depending on the brand.  We are still using Pampers and he is wearing a size 4 in those. 
Loving this stinker more and more each day :)
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Big Birthday Bash

We had Caleb's birthday party the Saturday following his actual birthday. We had it at Aunt Jenni and Uncle Scott's house. Their home is on a beautiful piece of property with tons of land and a swimming pool :). The weather was absolutely PERFECT and the party was a huge success. We are so blessed with so many people that LOVE our little man.
Centerpiece and bubbles for the kids to play with
Caleb's new Giant Mickey Mouse was ready for the cake smash
Another table decoration
Clothesline of his monthly pics
Cake Smash Fun..."Not so sure about all of these people watching me"
"YUMMY...this is pretty good, but why is it all over my hands?"

"All finished Mom and Dad"
Just playing with his toys while Mommy opens more :)
Basketball Goal
 I think he likes his new clothes
The Amazing Cake...Cute and Delicious

View of the top

The sign says it all!
A few of Caleb's friends :)
Overall I was very pleased with how the party turned out. I think everyone had a great time, and I know Caleb and his mommy and daddy did!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School Birthday Party

Let me start this post by saying we are SO BLESSED with our wonderful "Mrs.Kay" who loves her babies like they are her own. Caleb has been with her since he was about 12 weeks old, so I am sure she feels like he is her own. She gives each kid a party on their birthday; which I think is so cute. Caleb's actual birthday was on a Friday, so he got to celebrate at Mrs. Kay's with his friends on his "real" birthday.  On party day the birthday kids mommy and daddy send a few snacks and the other kids bring a present for the birthday kid. It's the cutest thing ever!!! Here are some pics of the party at Mrs. Kay's :)

 He didn't like his party hat :(
 Sad...but it makes me laugh how much he dislikes things on his head
 Cupcake smash
 Such a stinker
 "This is so much fun"
 Silly boy
Opening all of his toys
 I think he likes the piano

Eating his birthday snacks like a big boy

All of Caleb's school friends

Caleb and his girlfriend munching on cheese curls together :)

Caleb has a tendency not to like party day at Mrs.Kay's, but for his own party I think it was a different story. Thank you Mrs. Kay :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CUTENESS AHEAD...12 Month Pics

We took our 12 month pictures one Sunday afternoon in August of our family, little man by himself and some smash cake pictures. The weather was perfect and little man did great :) Thank you YourPBJ :) The pictures turned out great!