Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Perk of being a teacher mommy...SPRING BREAK!!! We always pack this week with lots of fun and a little mommy time to relax too!
To start off our Spring Break week we went with our friends to See the Disney Live: Pirates and Princess Tour. A little dinner at Chic fil A and then off to the show.

 This little Pirate is all ready for the show!!
We had lots of birthday parties over the Spring Break holiday.
 Party #1 was cousin Aubrey's fifth birthday! Her party was at Lifetime Fitness with lots of organized gym games. This little stinker loved playing the games with all the "big kids."
 Party #2 was our sweet friend Hudson's 3rd Birthday! We celebrated his birthday at the park on an abnormally frigid spring day! That cold definitely did not stop the kiddos from partying hard.
 Party #3 was a camping party for our friends Miles and Ella's fifth birthday. We roasted hot dogs and went on a scavenger hunt with all of our little friends.
 Spring Break also began the process of potty training. Sporting our Batman underwear :)
 A mall day with our friends Gage, Graham, Ryleigh, and Jace. We rode the carousel, played in the toy store, had cookies and the mommies actually did some shopping for themselves.
 Zoo Day with our sweet friends from church Mrs. Alyson and Natalie
 Train Ride with my favorite little guy
 The cutest lion in Birmingham
 Just getting a better look at the Zebras
 We ended our Spring Break with a visit to the dentist for the first time and a visit to the doctor for an ear infection. Of course, this meant several little special treats for being a Big Boy at the dentist and doctor!
We had a wonderful Spring Break week that led straight into our amazing Easter weekend. That is a separate post coming up soon!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Winter Fun 2015

During the months of January and February despite the cold we were still able to have lots of fun!
 We started our 2015 with lots of excitement...OUR NEW HOUSE!! This little cutie enjoying his playroom for the first time.
One more picture of Caleb checking out his new house!
 In January we remember a very special life of our little friend Leah. Leah died at 7 days old and would have been only a few months younger than Caleb. I know they would have been great friends because her parents are great friends of ours. We remember this day by doing Random Acts of Kindness in memory of Leah.
 Our annual visit to the World of Wheels to see Uncle Scotty and all of the cool jeeps and trucks.
 Fun night with our neighbors and great friends and a trip to Steel City Pops!
 Valentine Party with our friends at Mrs. Kay's house
 Who needs food when you have CANDY!
 Gender Reveal Party for Uncle Chris and Aunt Jill at our new house!
 It's a BOY!!! Riley Travis Willis
 At the end of February we finally got a little snow. It was just enough to make this little guy super excited!

 Pure amazement and excitement through his little eyes!
What a fun WINTER...now bring on the beautiful spring weather and more sunlight!!