Thursday, May 15, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014
We had a wonderful Easter celebrating our RISEN savior with our family, church family and friends. Our church had a Thursday night, Friday night, and Sunday Easter service this year; which was amazing! It was a wonderful way to slow down in this busy world we live in and reflect upon what the CROSS really means and represents to me. 
Here is a little snapshot of some of our Easter fun!
 Thanks Aunt Jill for our cute Easter shirt for Party Day
 Goodies from Caleb's Easter Party at Mrs. Kay's House
 Enjoying the Easter Party
 Caleb made cute Bunny Bait for his treat to take to his party!
Visiting the Easter Bunny at our church Egg Hunt...LOVED him from far away, but up close his feelings changed
Enjoying his hotdog Lunch

 Finding his first egg at the Easter Egg Hunt
 " I wonder what candy is inside this thing?"
 Becoming a pro at this egg hunting thing...two in each hand
He found two more :)
He got a basket full once the hunt was over

 The Easter Bunny was very sweet this year
 Checking out all of his goodies
 The DJ shuffle CD :)...obsessed with this CD by the way!
 One of his precious Easter outfits
Mr. Serious
 Playing with daddy outside after Easter lunch
 Our best attempt at an Easter picture
 Rocking in his new little chair from Papa and Nanny Smith
 Easter Egg Hunt at Uncle Billy and Aunt Regina's house. 
 " I found an egg"
" and another one!"
 This Easter we tried to teach Caleb about Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the dead by reading the Easter story from his little Bible. Not sure how much he really understands, but I do know that he daily says " Jesus ALIVE" and wants to read the story from his Bible.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

19 Month Fun :)

19 Month Fun
Spring Break trip with the Ashworth's to Chattanooga

 Exploring the Children's Hand on Museum in Chattanooga
 Chattanooga Aquarium
 Visit to the Fire Station to see the Big Firetruck
 Park Days with Cousin Aubrey and the Triplets
 Dinner at Burger KING
 Zoo for Mommy's Birthday
Learning how to ride the Dirt Bike

19 Months
Health: He is still weighing a little more than 25 pounds. Caleb has a total of 12 teeth. Another great month of good health!

Nutrition: We are drinking about 5 ounces of milk in the morning and at night. We have found a new love of strawberries this month. He is also asking to eat at Chic Fil A all of the time. Whoops...don't know where he gets that request from??? ;)

Sleep: Wonderful Sleeper

Toys:  Sitting in Daddy's Boat has become one of our favorite things to do.  He drives us to the beach each night :)

Recognizing places such as Nanny's House, Chic Fil A, Big Ball Store ( Target) etc. and knowing specific things he wants from these places.

Clothing:   18 month  in pants and 24 months and 2T in shirts. We are in a size 6 or 6 1/2 shoe depending on the brand.  We are still using Pampers and he is still wearing a size 4 in those.

Each day with this wild man is an adventure, but I would not want it to be any other way!! We are having so much fun running wild with our little man, and it makes this teacher mommy look forward to summer even more. Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this precious child. I pray we honor you in all we do!