Thursday, September 6, 2012

39 Weeks and a PLAN to Meet Little Man

This has been an exciting and eventful week! Yesterday morning, from about 4:30 to 6:00 a.m. I was having constant painful contractions as I was laying in the bed. These contractions felt much different than the Braxton Hicks I have been having for a couple of weeks. At 6:00, I decided I would get up and get ready and call the doctor. Well, after I got up and started getting ready the contractions were not as frequent or intense. Therefore, I decided that I would just go on to work and see what happened. After getting to work I had another long stretch of contractions that were lasting about 1 minute and were very close together for about an hour. After talking to my girls at work they "forced" me to call the doctor just to see what they said. Of course, they wanted me to come in and get checked. Once I got to the doctor I was still having contractions but once again they weren't as frequent. The doctor checked and I was 1cm and my cervix was beginning to thin. He described that I was probably in the early stage of labor and that I should just continue to monitor the contractions. My regular appointment was scheduled for today, so I assumed he would just want me to cancel and come back next week. WRONG...he wanted me to come back again today.
 Today, I was still 1cm, cervix  thinning and still having contractions. The doctor then asked if I was ready to come up with a plan? PLAN...oh my gosh this is CRAZY!!! She said since I was starting to dilate and thin on my own she wanted to give him a few more days to see if labor would take place on its own and if not then should would see me WEDNESDAY night at 8:00 to begin the induction process. This took me by surprise because earlier in my pregnancy she said that she would let me go one week past due date if there were no medical issues. Needless, to say I am thrilled to have a plan and to know that in a week or less he will be in my arms!
Heartbeat: 136- He was pretty relaxed today
Blood Pressure- 112/78- This is a little high for me, but it was still nothing for them to be concerned over
Weight-??? I was too scared to look down at the scales and see :)

Other EXCITING news...
Bags are COMPLETELY packed and in the car. Speaking of car my sweet hubby wanted us to have a bigger car before Caleb arrived and he made it all happen. We now have a Honda Pilot ( 3 rows) with plenty of room for our little man. I have LOVED driving it so far and I know that we will really enjoy it as we begin to travel with our little man.
The New Ride :)

Bags are Packed!
Carseat installed and ready!

Also, I have been wanting a necklace with Caleb's name on it to have to wear at the hospital. Once again, the hubby made it happen. I have a cute necklace with my sweet boy's name on it and it will have an additional pendant sent with the birth date once we know the exact day :). Jason, has been a wonderful husband throughout the entire pregnancy and I can not wait to watch him be a wonderful daddy to our son. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

For now we are just waiting to see if anything happens between now and Wednesday, and if not St.Vincents will be seeing me at 8:00 Wednesday night :) I pray that something happens before then, but if not this time next week I will be holding our little Caleb!