Thursday, August 30, 2012

38 Weeks...Just Hanging Out

Today, I went in for my 38 weeks appointment. I was 100% percent positive SOMETHING was going on down there after all of the pains and CONTRACTIONS I have been having.  Not to mention these days the comments from friends and strangers consist of "How far along are you?....He is really low."..."Look at that belly".  Well, it came time for "the check" and I was totally surprised to hear her say "Nothing...still nice and tight". She did end on a positive note by saying that he was head down and in great position. I'm totally ok with him baking for a few more weeks, but I was just shocked to hear that there was no progress!

At the doctor today:
Heartbeat: 166 - she said we have an active little boy :)
Blood Pressure: 112/70 - Very good for mommy
Weight: Ummm...let's not talk about that. Let's just say I told Jason to watch out because I am on his heals in the weight contest :)
What We've Been Up to Lately...
The past two days we have been blessed with more goodies for our little man. Yesterday, Jason's sweet co-workers gave us a wonderful shower with lots of goodies. They knew exactly what we needed...LOTS OF DIAPERS! Today, my wonderful co-workers had refreshments in the lounge for everyone to enjoy and we were given a VERY NICE gift card  to help purchase the things that we will need once Caleb arrives along with a few other goodies. We are so blessed with so many wonderful friends and family members. We have received so many wonderful gifts and can not wait for Caleb to arrive so that we can put them all to good use.

Jason's work shower

PGES Shower

For now we are just hanging out and waiting for Mr.Caleb to decide he is ready to meet everyone. I guess we can have a relaxing Labor Day weekend grilling and watching football.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

36 Weeks and Nursery Reveal ! was so strange to type 36 weeks because I know that means that in about 4 weeks...LESS than a month we will have our little man in our arms :).  Since my last update I have been focusing most of my attention on the beginning of the school year and getting my classroom ready. I have spent hours and hours preparing for this new school year, but my goal is to have a good routine going and everything organized, so that when our precious Caleb gets here I will be able to focus my attention on him and everything will be running smooth for my babies at school :). Monday, was the first day for students to return to school and so far my class has been wonderful. I am anticipating a GREAT year, but I must say I have been one tired momma these past two days when the bell FINALLY rings.

 36 Weeks :)

My wonderful co-workers before Meet the Teacher

Saturday, I went for my first "check". It was the normal routine: lab work, weigh in, and blood pressure check - which was perfect! During my visit, she did the Strep B Test, then came "the check".  I was a little shocked when she looked at me and said, "nice and tight"! I was so sure that SOMETHING was going on down there because I have been having lots of pains and  he is constantly jumping up and down on my cervix causing lots of pressure! I'm totally ok with him baking for a few more weeks, because I know that just means he is developing into a healthy little boy.
As far as preparing for our little man list is getting much shorter! Only a FEW things left...
  •  Finish packing our bags for the hospital and have them in the car before our 37 weeks appointment which is Saturday morning.
  • Getting a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed...mommy has to be looking good when the BIG day arrives.
  • Deep clean on the house to have it nice and clean before bringing our little man home
The nursery is complete! I think it turned out very cute and I can not wait to bring Caleb home and begin our life as a family of 3. get to go on a tour of the nursery....I know you can hardly contain your excitement :)

Changing area with an old wooden mirror found at a yard sale along with floating shelves with rustic picture frames that for now have maternity pictures in them, but will have pictures of a cute little boy soon!

     Bed and dinosaur bedding  with his name hanging on a curtain rod behind the bed...Thank you Pinterest!
     Chest with his toy and book baskets, cute picture made by my sweet friend Mandy, and cute little lamp..once again THANKS to Pinterest!

Old Window that will have pictures of sweet Caleb in it  along with his little hospital outfits hanging from the knobs VERY SOON :)

Tomorrow will be 37 weeks...I am going to try and be better about keeping everyone informed and updated with any news over the next few weeks as it gets closer to the BIG DAY! Stay Tuned...hopefully we will be meeting Caleb very soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ROUND about 32 weeks to 34 weeks!

Today I am actually 34 weeks pregnant, but have been a little behind on blogging and adding " Baby Bump" pictures. Here is a picture at 32 weeks! That belly is getting rather ROUND!
32 Weeks
34 Weeks
Over the past two weeks we had another shower given by the girls in our Sunday school class. It was a wonderful time spent with some very sweet friends...and of course LOTS of goodies for Mr.Caleb! (separate baby shower post with lots of pictures coming soon). Since our two showers I've been a busy bee getting all of his things in order. Clothes, blankets, socks, bibs, etc. all washed  and hung up or put away.I have taken a few things back that we got multiples of and have bought a few small things that we still needed. I think we have all of the necessities ready!
The nursery is almost ready...just one or two more things to hang on the wall and then it will be complete ( Nursery Blog...Coming Soon). For now here is a sneak peak of a couple of things in his nursery!

Behind his bed!

Thank you Pinterest :)

At 34 weeks an average baby weighs about 4.5 to 5 pounds. I guess that should make me feel better that I have been packing on the pounds here lately. He is a growing BOY...RIGHT?? His movements are starting to change. They are not so much kicks and punches anymore, but more like rolls and pokes. I also think he has dropped over the past couple of weeks because his movements are much lower and my belly looks a little lower! Like I said earlier...I have been packing on the pounds here lately which equals no clothes that fit. I guess I will be wearing moo moo's to work for those first couple of weeks in school. Oh is definitely worth it because in 6 WEEKS or less I will be holding my sweet boy. Bring on the big girl clothes and the Ice Cream...this momma is going to enjoy her last few weeks of pregnancy!