Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 2 on the Disney Dream

On the morning of Day 2 we woke up in the port of Nassau, Bahamas. We decided to stay on the boat that  day instead of getting off in the port. We thought this would make for a lot less crowded ship and that we would get to really enjoy the pool area. WRONG...everyone must have had this idea because the boat was still very crowded. We still had a good day just hanging out on the boat and going to the princess meet and greet that morning.
Checking out the beautiful clear blue water of the Bahamas
Just a little morning photo op because he is so cute

Visit with Jake
"Why is your hair so long?"... asks Caleb
Kisses from Cinderella

Doing what he did best...ICE CREAM
After lunch and an afternoon nap we went the Halloween party and Trick-or-Treating on the boat
Pluto was the only character we could really get close to at the party
Doing a little Trick-or-Treating with Finn and Sara Taylor
Disney definitely knows how to do candy. We got a bag filled with lots of yummy candy.
After the Halloween party we went back to the kid's club area for more free time play. 
Check-out these hula hoop skills
A snapshot of the Monster's Inc. Room in the kids club area
That evening Caleb stayed in the nursery area while we enjoyed dinner kid free in the Royal Palace. Then after dinner we picked him up in time  for the show: The Golden Mickeys.
Toy story
Beauty and the Beast
A picture with a Golden Mickey trophy
After the show we ran into two of the characters still dressed in their Halloween costumes and were able to sneak in a little picture.
and Goofy
After all of this Halloween fun we had it was time for bed, but of course not before an ice cream cone.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 1 on the Disney Dream

We left our hotel around 10:00 am headed for the cruise terminal. They begin letting people in the cruise terminal building a little before 11:00 a.m. and we were completely checked in, picture taken with Captain Mickey and our boarding group number had been called all before 12:00. After boarding the ship we walked around for a few minutes getting a few things taken care of and then headed to the buffet for lunch. When we got finished with lunch it was around 1:30 and we headed to find our stateroom. Rooms were supposed to be opened around 1:30. We had to wait about 5 minutes for our room to be opened and then  we got to go in our room and we even snuck in a little nap before all of the fun got started.
On the shuttle headed to the terminal

These sweet kiddos were so ready to get on the Big Boat
Captain Mickey welcoming us aboard his ship
After we finished nap time we had to go to a mandatory life-boat drill. After the life-boat drill we went to the Sail Away party with all of the characters and we were sailing away!!

Our stateroom door was so super cute
 Donald and Daisy at the Sail Away party
 Look at that sweet little hand waving at Goofy
Pluto is a really good dancer
Waving bye bye to land as we set sail in the deep blue ocean
After the Sail Away party we took the kids to the Oceaneer Club to play. The Oceaneer Club has four different areas. Caleb's favorite room was Andy's room from Toy Story.
 "Look mommy I'm Andy"
Playing on T-Rex
 A ride in RC
A little magic dance floor action
After play time it was time to head to dinner. The first night we had dinner in the Enchanted Garden and after dinner we headed to the show "Villians Tonight". After the show we went for a little stroll along the top deck of the ship and then called it a day.
Dinner...check out the Mickey ketchup
and of course dessert was Mickey icecream bars

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Journey to the "Big Boat"

I can not wait to tell you all about the best vacation ever...our Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream. My husband and I might have a slight obsession with cruising and combine that with Disney would have to equal a perfect vacation. In March we booked our 4 night trip on the Disney Dream for the upcoming September. We downloaded countdown apps, made reservations, did lots of researching until finally the trip arrived!
To make the trip even better we had three families going with us. More People= More Fun!
We left McCalla around 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 4th and drove to Macon,Georgia ( about a 4 hour drive). When we finally arrived in Macon it was close to midnight, so we just rested our heads for the evening in preparation for finishing the drive on Saturday.
On Saturday morning we woke up and took advantage of the breakfast at the hotel and then headed off for Orlando. We had a 5 hour drive ahead of us and only made one stop for lunch and a restroom break. We arrived at the Art of Animation hotel in Disney World around 3:00 p.m. that afternoon. After arriving at the hotel the men watched some football while the mommies and kiddos hit the swimming pool for an afternoon swim. Then we all met back up that evening for dinner at the food court at the hotel and walked around the hotel taking in all the awesome statues of characters from some of our favorite Disney movies.
Our passengers for the LONG ride...Braleigh, Brodee and Caleb
What a wonderful sight to see...Walt Disney World
Ready to hit the pool...by the way this picture gets me every time I look at it. My baby looks like he is about 5 years old in this picture.
The whole gang of kiddos in front of our building...The Little Mermaid building
I told him to wave to everyone and say "hey" so I could send family a picture of him having fun in Disney World
Enjoying the Nemo pool and splash pad area
Brock and Caleb having fun in the Lion King area of the hotel
The whole kiddo gang with Sebastian
Visiting the Cars in Radiator Springs...The Hudson Hornet
Lightening McQueen
On Sunday morning we checked out of the Art of Animation hotel and headed to Downtown Disney for lunch at T-Rex cafe and some shopping.
The T-shirt design store Lun
Lunch at T-Rex cafe
He chose to get his picture with the triceratops 
Buzz and Woody at the Lego store
Finishing off our fun in Downtown Disney with a train ride
Around 2:00 we left Downtown Disney and headed back to Art of Animation to get our car and head to our next destination in CoCo beach. We chose to drive over to CoCo beach on Sunday to be super close to the terminal for boarding the ship on Monday morning. The drive from Orlando to CoCo beach was a little over an hour which made for a perfect nap time for all of the kiddos ( maybe their mommies too ;). 
We stayed at the Comfort Inn hotel which was about a 5-10 minute drive from the cruise terminal. The hotel offered a cruise and stay package which allowed you to spend the night at the hotel, be shuttled to and from the cruise terminal and allowed your car to stay parked at the hotel while on the cruise ship. We enjoyed the afternoon playing on the beach at CoCo beach and catching some dinner at Steak-n-Shake. On Monday morning it was finally CRUISE time! We had to be in the hotel lobby at 10:00 a.m. to catch the shuttle to the cruise ship.
Fun times at CoCo beach