Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FRAMED up and Ready to Go

On Friday, September 19th the wood to begin framing the house was delivered. We stopped by on Sunday the 21st after church to get one last look before the walls started going up. Our little building assistant inspected the wood to make sure we were ready for building.

 " Caleb says we are ready to put up the walls."
After Day 1 of framing
 After 4 Days of framing...these men are working hard
 Looking at the basement side of the house that will be seen from the road
 Stairs leading up from the basement
Back side of the house
After Day 5 of the house being framed and we have 4 sides of the house
  Week 2 of framing ( Day 6) and we have a second floor
 After Day 8 of framing we have a carport
 After Day 9 of framing we are really starting to look like a house :)
The end of Week 2 (Day 10) and we now have walls up on the second floor.
Starting Week 3 (Day 11) we have a porch and part of a  roof
Day 13 of Framing and the main area of the house is completely framed
Here is a view from the back of the house
By the end of Week 3 we now have a fireplace, bathtubs in place, the windows and doors have been delivered and they are beginning to work on the back deck.
LOTS of things were accomplished in the past 3 weeks, it's been so much fun to watch our pile of dirt transform into a house.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Memories

This year we visited Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch in Vance, AL with some of our sweet friends from church. It was a great Pumpkin Patch and our cutest little pumpkin had a blast.
 Welcome to Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch
 Wild man on top of the big orange tire
 What a beautiful fall day for the Pumpkin Patch
 This is the look when we are doing something we aren't supposed to be doing :)
 "You'll never find me"
 Inside the Big Orange Tire
 He look so big to me in this picture :(
 Talking to all of the animals at the Petting Farm
 He was very upset that Bessie the Cow wouldn't MOO at him
"Hey Pig, you want something to eat?"
 Driving the big tractor
 Fun in the corn pit
 Highlight of the Pumpkin Patch was playing in corn :)
 Our kid who normally likes nothing on him was dumping corn down his head
 "This is so fun!"
 Bouncy House  craziness
Climbing Hay Bale Mountain
 Tractor Ride to go get the perfect pumpkin

 "Look, I found one!"
We found the Perfect Pumpkin
Love wonderful weekends making memories with our little pumpkin!