Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Holidays

 We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving celebrating with friends and family. We have so much to be THANKFUL for! Here is quick look of some of the people and moments we are thankful for this holiday.
 Thanksgiving with Nanny Smith and Papa...4 generations
 He wasn't very excited about his picture with mommy
 Enjoying Thanksgiving at Derek and Rebekah's new home this year
 Such a mess
 Putting on a show for everyone!
 Momma T's side of the family
 Caleb with Big Daddy and Momma T
 Scott and Jenni
 Chris and Jill
 Momma T, Great Nanny and Aunt ReRe
 They look like they are up to something ;)
 Mom and Dad with their girls and boys
 Wild man is spoiled by these two girls just a little bit!
 All of Nanny's grandchildren and one great grandchild
 So thankful he is mine and Caleb's :)

After a fun Thanksgiving what better way to spend Black Friday than SHOPPING! Caleb was such a trooper so he earned a ride on the train at the mall.
 Waiting patiently for his turn to ride
 Look at those sweet cheeks looking at everybody
We ended the Thanksgiving holiday with a visit to the mall to see Santa. While we were waiting in line Caleb was so excited and repeatedly said "Ho Ho Ho"!

 As soon as it was our turned and we started walking toward Santa he started to literally climb his daddy :(. Poor baby was so scared!
 Needless to say Santa did not go over very well and it turned into a family photo session with Santa :).

 Love spending the holidays with family and friends. We are so BLESSED!