Friday, July 20, 2012

What We've Been Up to Lately!

We are now at 30 are some things that have been going on lately! We have been super BUSY so get ready for a lengthy blog!
The past two weeks have been super busy getting things ready for our little man while also squeezing in some other FUN! In the past two weeks we have gone on a weekend trip to Nashville, took our maternity pictures, went to our parenting class at the hospital  and had our first baby shower. It seems like here lately it has been ALL BABY ALL THE TIME. This weekend will be our baby shower with our GraceLife church girls. I can not wait for Sunday and to be able to spend time with these wonderful ladies. After this shower I am sure I will be consumed with washing, dyring, folding, hanging up clothes, organizing and doing ALL things baby!

Two weekends ago Jason and I went with my parents (Big Daddy and Momma T) and Aunt Jenni on a weekend trip to Nashville. Jason and I were super excited about this little get away because not only was it Jason's first time to go to Nashville and my first time in a REALLY long time, but it was more than likely our last little outing before our little man arrives! While in Nashville we went to a super fun waterpark (Nashville Shores) , shopped at the HUGE Opry Mills Mall, ate at the Rainforest Cafe (wonderful food and so much fun...can't wait to take Caleb there) and visited the Opyland Hotel! We had so much fun on this little weekend getaway and can not wait to go back with our little man :).

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe...YUMMY!
Mommy and Daddy loved eating at the Rainforest Cafe :)
Aunt Jenni and I on the boat ride at the Opryland Hotel...BEAUTIFUL!
Last week we were supposed to take maternity pictures. Well of course we have been all summer so far without rain and the afternoon we schedule OUTSIDE pictures it decides to rain. Long story short Aunt Jill helped make me a beautiful mommy and had my hair and make-up ready for pictures and within a few minutes it comes a down pour. Needless to say pictures were canceled for that night and this little mommy had an emotional break down in the middle of the beauty shop crying because I was all fixed up with nowhere to go. Thankfully, my sweet husband and Aunt Jill and Uncle Chris took this hormone raging mommy to Bob Syke's for dinner. A couple of days later dodging the rain again we were able to get in a few maternity pictures so that I would have some to display at our baby shower. We are going to take a few more pictures another day when the weather is pretty, but here a couple for now!
Sweet little shoes!
We atteneded the Preparing for Parenthood Class at the hospital last weekend. I think this class was a wonderful class for first time parents and especially first time daddy's. We both really enjoyed the class and Jason got practice at giving a bath, changing a diaper and learning to swaddle. He is ready for his little boy now :) Of course..I took pictures!
Learning how to give a bath!
Clean diaper, a bath, and swaddled...he is going to be a GREAT daddy!
Last Sunday, we had our first baby shower. This baby shower was hosted by some very special ladies at CrossRoad Baptist Church. Everything turned out so perfect and these ladies went above and beyond to make the shower special. I have a few pictures from the shower, but there will be more to come later when I get more pictures. For now here a few pictures!

Monday, July 2, 2012

It's the Last Trimester...28 weeks!

What Mommy and Daddy have been up to lately:
  • All of the furniture is set up, bedding is washed and on the bed, some of the decorations are made while the rest are still a work in progress, curtain rods are bought (now daddy will just have to hang them).
  • Daddy finished building a den/office/playroom in the basement. He also built a BIG closet to store things ( it already has a few of little man's things in it ).He did a wonderful looks AWESOME!
  • I got a prenatal massage at Spa Japonika last week. It was a gift from Momma T! It was WONDERFUL! Words can not express how great it felt. Thanks Mom :)
  • Went to the doctor's office with Amy and Aubrey to check out their pediatrician. I loved the office and Dr.Dudgeon. Filled out the paperwork for Caleb to use Greenvale Pediatrics and for Dr. Dudgeon to be his pediatrician. We are very excited!
  • Registered for the Parenting Class at the hospital. It will be a long day I am sure, but we get to tour the hospital and find out some important information about what to expect as first time parents. Our friends Natalie and Lee are going on the same day so that will make it fun :)
  • Mommy and Daddy were in Aunt Jill and Uncle Chris' wedding this past weekend. It was such a wonderful weekend for them! Everything was so beautiful and we are so excited to have Chirs in the family!
Rehearsal Dinner...Aunt Jenni and Jill
Mommy, Daddy, Aunts and Uncles :)

Caleb has some Hot Aunties :)

Movement is starting to change. Instead of kicking it feels more like rolling and turning. I can feel a little round  head or butt sticking out sometimes ( I can't tell which one it is). It is funny because sometimes it makes my belly look uneven.

Maternity Clothes:
Maternity clothes are pretty much the only things that are fitting these days besides flowy dresses or big t-shirts (Daddy's shirts fit good :)

I am still sleeping pretty good! I wake up several times during the night, but it doesn't take too long to fall back asleep! No complaints!

I'm still enjoying Ice Cream (eating a cup as a type ). I am trying to drink lots of water (YUCK! ) especially during the day. Every now and then I have to splurge and have a Coke or a glass of sweet tea!

Glucose Test:
I passed my glucose test last week!! I have heard how terrible the drink tasted, but honestly I didn't think it was too bad. I enjoyed it a little!

Momma's Belly:
My belly button is officially an outie! Still no stretch marks...YAY! My belly is growing every day though, so bring on the CoCo butter!

Over the next couple of weeks we have lots of exciting things going on! Swim and Celebrate the 4th at Uncle Scott's, weekend trip to Nashville, Maternity pictures, Parenting Class, Baby Showers and the list goes on and on!

The Caleb 4D

We got to see our little man for the last time a couple of weeks ago before he makes his grand entry where we will not only get to see him but get to hold him and love on him. Mommy, Daddy, Momma T and Nanny all went to the ultrasound to get an up close and final look at our little man before he is born. This was a wonderful experience for us all as we got to watch him play and be stubborn for about 30 minutes. For the majority of the time he kept his hands and FEET in front of his face. Here are a few pictures from the ultrasound!

This is him being a little stinker! He wanted those hands and feet in front of his face at all times. We still got a lot of good views of his cute little face though :)

Mouth wide open!
Our precious little Caleb! We can not wait to see him in our arms in just a few short months :)