Friday, April 25, 2014


Spring Break 2014
Spring Break is a very exciting time for this "teacher" mommy! This year we started off our Spring Break week with a weekend trip to Chattanooga with our friends the Ashworth's. It had been years since my husband and I had been to Chattanooga, so we were super excited about taking Caleb for his first trip. Here is a little snapshot of the fun we had.
Caleb enjoying his DVD player in the car for the first time. We have decided to save this little jewel for long trips and not everyday use. Hopefully, it will be more exciting that way!!

Our first stop was at Coolidge Park. We decided to go here first to let the boys run wild after the car ride.
At Coolidge Park there is an antique carousel, an area with sprinklers during the summer months, and TONS of grassy areas to play and picnic. We had a wonderful time watching the boys play in the park on this beautiful spring day.

Riding the carousel with daddy :)
Giving each other knuckles...TROUBLE right here :)
Running in the park with the big kid of the group :)

After lunch at Lupi's Pizza we went to the Children's Hand on Museum. This was an interactive museum designed for kids of all ages. Even though we were WAY past nap time I think the boys still had a great time playing at the museum.
Caleb spinning the wheel. He thought this was so much fun!
Driving the car in the pretend play area of the museum. He thought he was SUPER COOL!
Daddy and Caleb pumping the machine to make the ball fly into the air.

After a fun and busy day at the park and museum we spent the rest of the evening eating supper at Sticky Fingers ( Wonderful by the Way), swimming at the indoor pool at the hotel and a much deserved WONDERFUL nights rest.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Chattanooga Aquarium. 
This little cutie welcoming everyone to the Aquarium
Watching the birds with daddy
Not wanting to be held :( he is too cool for that now
The best attempt at a family picture
Watching the penguins
" This place is AWESOME!"
He loved watching the penguins
 Love this Girl and so Thankful for her friendship
 The Daddy's with their boys
 He slept the ENTIRE way home. I think we wore him out :)

After our busy and exciting weekend in Chattanooga we spent the remaining part of Spring Break enjoying the beautiful weather outside and lots of playing and relaxing.

Aunt ReRe got us an up close visit with the firetrucks. Our little future fireman LOVED the firetrucks.
 Aunt ReRe and Caleb visiting the fire station
 Future Fireman in the Making

After our visit to the fire station we finished our day with a trip to the park.
 This kiddo loves to Slide

During Spring Break we also got to spend some time with cousin Aubrey hanging out at the park. The triplets enjoyed the day at the park as well. We can't wait until they are bigger and can run around with Caleb and Big Sister Aubrey...that will make for some wild days!
 Hugs from Aubrey
 These two are so cute playing together.

My FAVORITE part of Spring Break was LOTS AND LOTS of this right here!!! Snoozing and Cuddling :)

So thankful for a wonderful week off of work to spend time relaxing and loving on this cutie! We are so BLESSED!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

18 Month Fun :)

18 Months
 Valentine Party
 Celebrating Valentine's Day with his little lady :)
 Loving the slide or the "wee" as he calls it
Enjoying the first few days of warm weather

18 Months
Health: He is still weighing a little more than 25 pounds. Caleb still has 8 teeth and his 1 year old molars are all the way in, so we have a total of 12 teeth. When we went for his 18 month check up he did not have to have any shots and will not go back to the doctor until 2 years old. We have had a very healthy month...Praise the Lord!

Nutrition: We are still drinking about 6 ounces of milk in the morning and at night in the Nuk cup. He is LOVING his little toddler fruit and veggie pouches. We need to buy stock in these things, because we are definitely buying tons of these. Still loving chicken, pizza, french fries, and pancakes.

Sleep: Still a great sleeper :)

Toys:  Now that the weather is warmer he wants to play outside all of the time. He loves playing on his slide, ride his bicycle " Smart Trike", coloring with chalk and just running around in the yard like a wild man.

We are definitely talking in short sentences. He is putting 3 or 4 words together at a time. One of the cutest things he has done this month is to say " All Aboard the Choo Choo Train". We are also saying "Happy Birthday to You",  " I want__________".

Clothing:  We are wearing 18 month  in pants and 24 months and 2T in shirts. We are in a size 5 1/2 or 6 shoe depending on the brand.  We are still using Pampers and he is still wearing a size 4 in those. 
This sweet baby sure is looking like a little man these days. That makes for a super sad mommy and daddy. We are so impressed with all of the things our little man is learning and doing these days. It seems like everyday this cutie says or discovers something new. Thank you Lord for our healthy and happy boy. 

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2014
Each holiday gets better and better with this funny boy. He is really starting to understand parties, presents and FUN!!! Here are a few pics of our Valentine fun with our little man!

 His heart belongs to mommy...ALWAYS!!
 The shirt says it all...he is a HEART BREAKER
 Valentine surprise for Caleb's friends at school... Bubbles " You BLOW me away Valentine"
 Valentine treat for Caleb's valentine party at school. They look a little dorky, but the kids LOVED them!!! 
 Valentine Party Day
 Cutie pootie at his party
 Caleb got lots of treats at his party
 Caleb with his little girlfriend...looks like these two cuties are headed out on a date :)
 Opening his Valentine from Mommy and Daddy...already reading his card
Checking out his Mickey Tervis cup
Mommy and Daddy got our Valentine Toy Story and a Mickey Tervis cup
Another wonderful holiday spent having fun with our little man, and mommy and daddy even got to enjoy a weekend together at a marriage conference while Caleb spent the night with his Big Daddy and Momma T.