Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Holidays

 We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving celebrating with friends and family. We have so much to be THANKFUL for! Here is quick look of some of the people and moments we are thankful for this holiday.
 Thanksgiving with Nanny Smith and Papa...4 generations
 He wasn't very excited about his picture with mommy
 Enjoying Thanksgiving at Derek and Rebekah's new home this year
 Such a mess
 Putting on a show for everyone!
 Momma T's side of the family
 Caleb with Big Daddy and Momma T
 Scott and Jenni
 Chris and Jill
 Momma T, Great Nanny and Aunt ReRe
 They look like they are up to something ;)
 Mom and Dad with their girls and boys
 Wild man is spoiled by these two girls just a little bit!
 All of Nanny's grandchildren and one great grandchild
 So thankful he is mine and Caleb's :)

After a fun Thanksgiving what better way to spend Black Friday than SHOPPING! Caleb was such a trooper so he earned a ride on the train at the mall.
 Waiting patiently for his turn to ride
 Look at those sweet cheeks looking at everybody
We ended the Thanksgiving holiday with a visit to the mall to see Santa. While we were waiting in line Caleb was so excited and repeatedly said "Ho Ho Ho"!

 As soon as it was our turned and we started walking toward Santa he started to literally climb his daddy :(. Poor baby was so scared!
 Needless to say Santa did not go over very well and it turned into a family photo session with Santa :).

 Love spending the holidays with family and friends. We are so BLESSED!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

14 Month Fun :)

 New Fall Clothes
 Pumpkin Patch
 Family Fun at the Pumpkin Patch
 Boo at the Zoo
 Ready for the Halloween Party at Mrs. Kay's House
 Our little pirate...he had a really cute hat that he wouldn't wear
 Ready to trick or treat...notice no hat or jacket by this point :)
First trip to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg
 Looking at all the cool fish

 First Gatlinburg Trip
 Enjoying Cades Cove with his buddy Gage
More Cades Cove fun with Ryleigh

 We love going to Cades Cove and it was the best ever now that we have little man :)
 This child LOVES being outside and looking around
 His first arcade win at Fanny Farkle
 Rainforest Zoo in Pigeon Forge
Celebrating Nanny's Birthday

Health: Caleb has 8 teeth now, and I am pretty sure we are working on getting a few more. Still has his blonde hair that is getting longer and longer. I think it's time for the first haircut :(.  We have somehow avoided any sickness this month and have had a happy boy except for a little teething. 

Nutrition: Still working on taking  away the bottle, and we are doing much better. He normally is only getting one or two a day now. He is pretty much eating the same foods, but we have tried grapes and the little poptart bites this month and both of them were a SUCCESS!

Sleep: He is still a great sleeper. PRAISE THE LORD!!! 

Toys:   On our Gatlinburg trip Caleb got a stuffed deer as his souvenir. He LOVES his deer and walks around holding it. This is one of his new favorite toys.

Skills:   He is pretty much repeating ANYTHING we say. One of his new things is saying " OH TOODLES". It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. He is also saying " Oh Man!" when he drops something. It is so funny, because he sounds so country saying it. He is  pointing to his cup and saying "cup" when he is thirsty.
We are in a full sprint  now. The little wobbly walk days are pretty much over unless he is really tired.

Clothing:  We are mainly wearing 12-18 month and 18 month clothes now. He is in a size  5 or 5 1/2 shoe depending on the brand. We have to get a few new pairs of shoes this month for our big boy.  We are still using Pampers and he is wearing a size 4 in those. 
WOW...you are looking like and acting like such a big boy now. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Gatlinburg Trip

Over the holiday weekend we took a trip with our wonderful friends The Stevens' and The Pody's to Gatlinburg. We could not have asked for better weather, food or friends. EVERYTHING was just perfect! Here is a quick look at all of the fun we had.

 The first day we found a little diner and store by our hotel to eat for lunch. While we were finishing up our lunch the daddy's found the perfect size buggy to cruise the little guys around in :)
 This was the look I got when I told him to say "Cheese"

After our lunch we decided our first day fun would be a trip to the Ripley's Aquarium!
 Daddy and Caleb ready to check out the aquarium 
 He loved looking around. There was so much to see :)
 Looks like daddy is teaching him lots in this picture
 Look at all of the fish
 He loved these little peephole tanks where he could stand by himself and look in
 All three kiddos checking out the stingrays
 Mommy has to get a pic with little man every now and then
 He normally really likes dinosaurs, but I have to admit this one was a little scary. A little too close for comfort.
 Daddy and Caleb inside the tank :)
 He loved this. Daddy had to pry his little fingers off the tank when it was time to leave :(
 Future Scuba Diver
After a day at the aquarium we finished our evening with dinner at Calhoun's and a trip to the Christmas Place.
 A Visit to the Christmas Place Store in Pigeon Forge

The next day we started our day off right with a big breakfast at Log Cabin and then began the journey out to Cade's Cove.
 Daddy's with their boys enjoying the beautiful outdoors
Looks like these two cuties are having a serious conversation

 My two favorite boys :)
 Our best attempt at a family picture for the day
 Admiring God's beautiful creation
These wild boys LOVED running free
 He thought he was so cool riding shotgun and looking out the window.
After a day spent at Cade's Cove we enjoyed a late lunch at the Old Mill and a night of fun cruising the strip and playing games at Fanny Farkle's  in downtown Gatlinburg.
 Daddy won little man two balls during our fun at Fanny Farkle
On our third day, we took a morning trip to the Rainforest Zoo and had lunch at AppleBarn.
Checking out the emu with daddy
Loving being outside at the zoo
Of course, we must get a family picture at the zoo
He was amazed by the waterfall
After our fun morning at the zoo we headed to AppleBarn for lunch. Unfortunately, we had an hour and thirty minute wait. Thank goodness, there were leaves everywhere because this entertained the little kiddos during our long wait.
Daddy and his little buddy playing in the leaves
This was after a fall in the leaves
Finally, we ended our last night with pizza at Mellow Mushroom. Caleb, was really excited about this because pizza is his favorite.
This child LOVES pizza :)
He couldn't get is fast enough picking it up with his hands, so he decided to just gulp it up from the plate.

We had so much fun taking our little man to Gatlinburg for the first time. It is a trip full of memories that we will never forget. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends to share fun times and make memories with.