Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Few of our Favorite Things

Trying to register for baby items when you have never been a mommy was a little overwhelming. I figured why not share a few things that I have loved and have worked for Caleb and I. What works for us may not work for you , but I hope it helps someone.
Swaddle Me Blankets- These blankets worked perfect for Caleb for about 3 months. I felt like a terrible mother maybe even shed a few tears the first couple of days for tying him up at night, but "Oh Boy" did it help. He got used to the little routine for bedtime and they worked for him until he got big enough to kick them off.
Swaddle Blanket= Sleeping Baby and Happy Mommy

Zip Up Sleepers- These are a LIFESAVER! For those late night diaper changes or those days when you can never seem to get the snaps lined up and snapped correctly these bad boys come in handy.

Giraffe Wubbanub- I was the girl that said my baby will never have pacifier, they gross me out, they won't be walking around talking with a passy, BLAH BLAH BLAH! Well guess what my baby has a passy that he loves "obsessed with" and not only is it a passy it has a giraffe attached to it. It's super cute for now and he loves his little giraffe, but hopefully we won't be walking around talking with a giraffe hanging out of our mouth :)
Monkey Bouncer- Love this- For the first few days after coming home from the hospital he actually slept in his bouncer. Every morning while mommy and daddy get ready for work this is where you will find little man playing and watching us get ready.
Sweet boy snoozing in his bouncy seat
Pampers Swaddlers- These are our favorite by far. Very rarely have explosions or leaks and very little booty rash! (FYI...they carry size 4 and 5 Swaddlers at Target now!)
Summer Infant Video Monitor- LOVE THIS! I thought I wanted the motion sensor mat after I realized my baby was a tummy sleeper and ran to Babies R US and bought one, but after that motion sensor beeping all night saying my baby wasn't breathing I quickly realized that I did not need the motion sensor and that our video monitor would serve its purpose perfectly. If you turn the volume up loud you can even hear them breathing :) I know it...I am a little paranoid!
This is what I look at A LOT throughout the night!

Chico 30 Car seat with extra base- We have loved this car seat. Getting an extra base for daddy's truck was a must. Most days Jason carries Caleb to daycare and I pick him up so all we have to do is snap him in any car and we are ready to ride!
This boy loves riding and taking naps in his car seat, but once the car stops we are WIDE AWAKE!
 Snap-N-Go- We did not register for a travel system, but instead got a Snap-N-Go and a nice umbrella type stroller. First, the Snap-N-Go weighs about 5 pounds...I can pick it up with one hand easily. It unfolds very easily and you just snap your car seat down in it and you are ready to go ( Snap-N-Go literally). This is used for as long as they are in an infant car seat.
Chico Liteway Stroller- Now that we are getting bigger and sitting up much better we are starting to use our big boy stroller some. I have loved it so far. Also, very light and easy to maneuver and can be used up to 50 pounds.
He loves sitting up and seeing EVERYTHING!
Gas Relief Drops- Instant Miracle- we will have a screaming child and give him a dose of these miracle drops and we have a little ANGEL!
Battery Operated Nose Suction- Works great for getting all that snot and yucky junk out of his nose. Caleb is not the biggest fan of this little handy device, but mommy and daddy love it and it works great!
I-Phone- It's not a must have, but I have LOVED everything about it. I got it the week after Caleb was born and have enjoyed being able to take great pictures and videos of our little man. I also love FaceTime and knowing mommy, daddy, grandparents, can see him if we are away.

Hope this helps some of you new mommies!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caleb's First Valentine's Day

Our little cutie woke up to some new pj's and card from mommy and daddy!
Showing Mommy and Daddy his Valentine
Reading his card to us...our 5 month old is so smart :)
Caleb even thought the card tasted good!
After he finished opening his Valentine from mommy and daddy it was off to Mrs.Kay's to celebrate Valentine's Day with his friends!
The Whole Gang at their party
Mrs.Kay's little assistant helping out with Caleb :)
After we left school we went by to see Great Nanny and wait for Daddy to get off work.
When Daddy get off work we went to Speedy's for supper  to meet Big Daddy and Momma T, Aunt Jill and Uncle Chris and Aunt Jenni, so they could give you your Valentine present.
After all the celebrating and fun you had on your First Valentine's Day you were super tired so we went home bathed, snuggled for a little bit, and went NIGHT NIGHT!
We love our little Valentine SO MUCH!

Happy 5 Months Caleb

5 Months

 Weight and Height:
5 Months: We did not have a doctor's appointment this month, but by our scales and measurement we think you weigh around 17 1/2 pounds and are about 27 inches long
Things you have MASTERED this month:
*You found your feet and you play with them all of the time. I have even caught you trying to eat your toes :)
* Noticing and paying attention to everything around you. You especially LOVED going to World of Wheels with Big Daddy and Momma T and looking at everything
Things you have LOVED this month:
Talking yourself to sleep
Speaking of sleep...you are sleeping in your BIG BOY BED and LOVING it
Sitting up in the bathtub (with assisstance) and playing with your toys
Taking your paci in and out of your mouth, playing with it, and then putting it back in your mouth...you think this is a super cool trick
Things you have done and places you have been for the FIRST time this month:
Sat in a high chair
Playing in your first snow
Alabama Gymnastics Meet
Going out to supper with your friend Gage
Going to get taxes done
Baby dedication
Eating ceral, baby food and "trying" to use a sippy cup
Celebrated Cbo's 90th Birthday
Your first Mardi Gras "Fat Tuesday"
World of Wheels
You built your first "Caleb sized" snowman
First time sitting in a high chair...you did so good

Alabama Gymnastics Meet...mommy will teach you to say ROLL TIDE
First attempt at baby food...you weren't a big fan
First attempt with the sippy cup...you were really good at holding the cup, but not so good at getting the drink to come out

Quick game of checkers and dinner with Gage
You were a big helper when we went to get taxes done
You did pretty good with the "big boy" cup

Breakfast with Cbo for his birthday
Baby Dedication
World of Wheels

"It's Fat Tuesday"
During your fifth month: 
Our sweet boy is eating 6 ounces every 4 hours except for his last bottle before bed and you get 8 ounces. We have also tried cereal and baby food, but for now it's not really counting as a meal or snack, but rather just getting you used to the spoon and taste. Most nights you are sleeping from about 9:30 until we wake you up around 6:15 to feed you and get you ready to go see your friends at school. You wore a size 3 diaper and we are still a huge Pamper Swaddlers fan! You wore  6 month size clothes.
We have had so much fun with you this month! We love to watch you look around and take everything in, talk to anyone who talks to you and give them a big ol gummy smile and to hear you laugh and talk, talk, talk to mommy and daddy. It's all so CUTE. Every day is something new and we love each new day's adventures with you. 

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17