Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

This year this teacher mommy got the whole week out for Thanksgiving break. The past couple of years we have gotten three days, so having the entire week was AMAZING! We had lots of fun over the holiday break!
 Cutest little Turkey around :)
 Cute shirt thanks to my friend at Sweet as Shuga
 Just doing a little shopping at the Big Ball Store ( also known as Target)
 Play day with our friends at the mall
 These little best buddies just hanging out at the mall
 Thanksgiving dinner at Great Nanny's house
 House Divided equals a confused child. We say "Roll Tide" and " War Eagle" at our house.
 Date day at the Iron Bowl! My first time at Bryant Denny stadium...what a crazy place!

During Thanksgiving break we went to the ENT to have little man's ear checked because he has had lots of ear infections here lately. We got the news that we expected which was...TUBES! The next week Caleb was scheduled for tubes. The procedure was so fast. Jason set the timer on his watch when they took Caleb back for surgery and 8 minutes later the doctor was out telling us all of the details from the surgery. A couple hours later you would have never known this wild child had surgery that morning.
Waiting to be checked in for surgery

Just riding around and doing some pretend shopping while waiting to be taken back for surgery. ;(
For a  few minutes after surgery he was a little sluggish and gave mommy a few cuddles. Unfortunately, it did not last very long and he was right back to his normal wild self.

Monday, December 15, 2014

House Happenings Here Lately

Since my last blog a little less than two months ago TONS of progress has been made on the house, and we are looking at a completed house in approximately two weeks. I have tried to take pictures of every little step along the way so that we wouldn't ever forget this experience. Below is the progression that has taken place from the middle of November through the beginning of December.
 Towards the middle of November the sheetrock was up
 and the tubs were put into place with the help of this little construction worker ;)
 At the end of November we had brick
 and more brick
 and we also had a completed fireplace!
 Towards the beginning of December we have an upper driveway
 and a lower driveway.
 We also have a tile shower
and tile floors.
Cabinets, Floors, Lights and More coming VERY SOON!!