Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy 11 Months Caleb!

11 Months
Weight and Height
23 pounds
Things you have MASTERED this month:
* Standing up by yourself and standing for several seconds at a time
* Pointing and saying " a light" when you see ANY light
*Saying "night night" when you are sleepy
* Playing with his big cousin Aubrey
* Things you have LOVED this month:
* Pools days at Aunt Jenni's
* Unloading any cabinet that you can get to
Things you have done and places you have been for the FIRST time this month:
First Football Camp to help Big Daddy work
First ride on a jet ski
First trip to Steel City Pops
Celebrated Momma T's birthday
Went to the park with Aunt Jenni's work
First trip to church camp

"I LOVE swim days"

 Love these two stinkers :)
 Visiting big daddy at work

Getting water on the field like the big boys
 "Vroom Vroom"...he loves to be behind the wheel

Summer afternoon at Aunt Jenni's
 Such a sweet little face
 First Jet Ski Ride
 Enjoying his first Steel City Pop
 We had a blast on our first experience at Steel City
 Happy Birthday Momma T
 Going to the park with Aunt Jenni and Jill
 First Trip to Church Camp
 Paying close attention during the service
First name badge for church camp...this was so cute clipped on his little shirt
During your eleventh month:
You are still eating on the exact same schedule and pretty much the exact same foods. You are still wearing a size 4 diaper. You wore 12 month clothes and some 12-18 month clothes. We have started adding a little milk with your formula, but will begin working on it much more next month.

 Mommy has loved getting to spend every day of the summer with you and was so sad that it had to end this month. I will never forget all of the little adventures we had together this summer. We LOVE watching you explore, talk, laugh hysterically and all of the cute little things you do. Mommy and Daddy fall more in love with you each day. We love you stinker :)
"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17