Saturday, January 26, 2013

C-Section and the Days that Follow

For many mommies to be, like myself, you imagine your water breaking, contractions, pushing, then holding a beautiful baby :)! NO BIG DEAL...just like T.V...RIGHT? While that sounds really good...NEWSFLASH...its not that simple for most. In my case our "directionally challenged" as the nurse called him,son, decided he wanted to stay put for a while longer and WOULD NOT move down into the birth canal. OH BELIEVE ME WE TRIED! My sweet nurse tried every trick she could think of...I literally think one time she basically had me standing on my head. After none of the tricks seemed to work...C-Section it was! By this time (around 12 hours of labor)  this mommy just wanted her little man in her arms.
The actual surgery was no big deal for me! Once Jason got to come in the OR I was just ready to get the show on the road. Of course there were thousands of emotions from excitement, to scared, to worrying all flooding my mind at one time, but those were quickly changed to just excitement after hearing the sweet cry of this SWEET boy!
While the actual surgery was no big deal for me it was the hours, days, and couple of weeks after that were a little rough. I know for myself I have never really thought about it as being a major SURGERY, but I now have a new outlook. It's no longer just a c-section it is a SURGERY with a beautiful baby as my reward.
For those of you who have never had a c-section or may be having one soon here are a few things I found helpful!
  • Rest and Do Not ”Over Do” It- I know this is easier said than done, especially since there is a new baby.Not only have you just had  abdominal surgery, but you are caring for a brand new baby.  The laundry, and housework can wait. 
  • Let Others Help Out-  Easier said than done. This is one time in your life where you will need help is after having a C-section with a new baby.While in the hospital let others change diapers and care for the baby. Get help from someone when going to the restroom and taking a shower. STRANGE I KNOW...but believe me you will need help. Poor Jason did things to help me out that he probably thought he wouldn't be doing for at least 50 years!  Let your husband cook dinner or friends bring you dinner.  Let friends help you with small tasks like throwing clothes into the washing machine. 
  • Follow the Discharge Instructions and Medicine schedule- Sometimes we may try to ignore some of the discharge instructions. Obviously, the health-care providers know best. They tell you not to climb stairs for a reason...believe me it's painful! Take medicine for the first few days even if its just Motrin. You may think you are ok, but it really does help ease the pain. The suggestions really are given to ease the pain.
  • Have A Pillow Nearby You Can Hold Up Against Your Incision- Standing, walking,  coughing, and laughing after a C-section is not fun. To help with the pain hold a pillow into the incision/stomach area and it would help support the muscles in that area. This helped me so much!
  • Have Something To Prop Yourself Up In Bed With and Something to Step on to Help Get Out of Bed- While I was in the hospital, any time I wanted to sleep or rest, I could just hit the button on the bed, and it would adjust into a position I could be comfortable in. After coming home, trying to lay down flat in bed was awful. I needed to be reclined, so multiple pillows were necessary. The hubby made a trip to Target shortly after coming home for pillows. Also, trying to get out of the bed which is a couple feet from the floor was very hard. Quickly, our cute little storage bench/ottoman in our bedroom became a nifty stepping stool. This made life so much easier for me.

  • ALL-in-ALL the c-section experience was not too bad! I would do it again for sure, and I have heard from multiple people that its not as bad the second time for some reason. WHO KNOWS...maybe in SEVERAL years I will be able to tell you.For now...I am enjoying my time with this cutie!
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    Happy 4 Months Caleb!

    4 Months: 1-13-13
    Weight and Height:
    4 Months: 16lbs and 26 1/4 inches long
    Things you have MASTERED this month:
    *When laying back you can pull yourself up in a sitting position
    * When standing in someones lap you bend your knees and bounce around
    *Laughing out loud...especially at your Big Daddy :)
    *Jumping in your have figured out how to work this fun toy
    *Talking ALL the time
    *Rolling have gotten really good at this over the paast couple of days
    Things you have LOVED this month:
    Sleeping on your belly at night...this scares mommy A LOT but its working for you
    Sticking your entire fist into your mouth and sucking on it
    Watching T.V...especially anything with bright colors
    Jumping in your jumperoo
    Of course our favorite is still...EATING
    Things you have done and places you have been for the FIRST time this month:
    Visit from Santa Clause
    Chirstmas party at daycare
    "Opened" your first Christmas present
    First Christmas eve breakfast at I-Hop
    Celebrated your first New Years Eve with your girlfriend Miss Ava 
    Wedding Shower for Miss Mandi
    Momma T bought you a super cool walker that you played in for the first will be really good at it soon

    Watching Mickey Mouse
    Visit from Santa
    I can open it all by myself :)
    You loved playing with your Christmas presents
    Loving your super cool walker

    Miss Mandi's Christmas shower
    New Year's Eve with your girlfriend :)
    During your fourth month:
    Our sweet boy is eating 6 ounces every  4 hours . Most nights you are still sleeping from about 9:30 to 6, and sometimes we even have to wake you up around 6:15 to feed you and get you ready to go see your friends at school.  You wore a size 2 diaper for most of the month, but within the last week we have moved you up to a size 3 diaper...Pamper Swaddlers of course! You wore mostly 6 month size clothes.
    You are starting to really look like a BIG BOY which makes mommy sad, but it means you are learning new things each day! We love watching you discover the world around you. Thank You Lord for this bundle of JOY.

    "Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    2012...What a WONDERFUL Year!

    This has been a great year for our little family. We are so blessed! We get the JOY and God gets the GLORY! Thank you Lord for a great year!
    We found out we were expecting our first child and got to share the news with family and friends!
    12 Weeks...started my belly bump pictures
    My sweet hubby took me on a cruise

    Gender Reveal...It's a BOY!
    Got our baby furniture
    Aunt Jill's Wedding
    Seeing our little man in 4-D
    Nashville Trip
     CRBC Baby Shower
    GLBC Baby Shower
    Maternity Pics
     My Work Shower
     Jason's Work Shower
    My New Mommy Car

    Finally time to meet our little man
     September 12,2012 at 7:38 p.m. Caleb Alan Ross was born. This was definitely the best moment of 2012!
    I LOVE this little boy more than he knows!
     First Halloween

    First Pumpkin Patch
     We VOTED in the big presidential election after standing outside in the cold for over an hour
     Celebrated Great Nanny's Birthday
    Mommy went back to work and this cutie started staying with sweet Mrs.Kay
    First Thanksgiving
     Hueytown Christmas Parade
    Santa Clause came to the Ross house for the First time
    I think he enjoyed Christmas!
    We have had so much fun this year! We can't wait to see what God has in store for our family in 2013!
    Happy NEW YEAR from The Ross'