Sunday, July 7, 2013

Caleb's First Fourth of July

We had no big plans for the fourth except to have a lazy day at home with daddy off work. Thursday morning we slept late and Jason made pancakes for us to have as a late breakfast. Around 2:00 we met my parents at Full Moon BBQ for lunch and afterwards went to visit Jason's parents. We ended our Fourth of July at home drinking milkshakes, renting a movie, and watching the Fireworks show Live from the comfort of our den.
 Lunch at Full Moon
 We have to have a shirt for each holiday :)
"Those ribs are yummy"
Daddy went back to work :( so we had a family game day at Aunt Jenni's for all of those who were lucky enough to be off work. Original plans were to have a swim day, but all of the yucky rain turned it into an inside game day.
 Pretty boy
 Looking at the creek
Those two little teeth are one of the cutest things I have ever seen :)
 Playing Catchphrase...Caleb thought we were all crazy
This game is so much fun, but gets REAL intense
Saturday morning we slept late once again and went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast. After eating our big breakfast we ran a few errands and came home to rest before our big family fish fry and shrimp boil. We had TONS of yummy food followed by games and fishing.
 Caleb enjoyed hanging out in his wagon while the food was cooking
 Fresh Red Snapper
 The Shrimp Boil cooking
Finished Product served Redneck style in a works though! It's big enough and it keeps the food really warm!
Sunday morning we woke up and went to church and Sunday school and then came home to enjoy lunch and a lazy Sunday afternoon ( some of us were lazy...daddy cut the grass)
 This boy love to clap
Clapping in action
 Silly boy
Still clapping but a little distracted by the trees and birds :)
Hope your family had a great holiday weekend! Thank you to all of the past and current military who have fought for our freedom, so that we can enjoy this great land we are blessed to live in and enjoy special times like these with our friends and family.
Happy Fourth of July...<3 The Ross'

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Caleb's First Beach Trip

We took our first beach trip in the middle of June to Gulf Shores with mommy's side of the family. We stayed at ClearWater condo for a full 7 days which was WONDERFUL! We had so much fun taking you on the beach, to the pool, out to eat, riding go carts, and much much more. You were a beach bum and loved everything about the beach. Actually, you LOVED it so much you didn't want to sleep during the day or night because you were afraid you were going to miss something. You were never fussy you were just WILD CHILD loving being on vacation. You also took on a new personality at the beach. You got a new HUGE gummy grin that you showed to everyone and a new laugh where you snort rather LOUDLY. It's super cute now, but not so sure when you are 18 :). Also, you totally ditched your passy on the way to the beach and have not had it ever since. I guess you decided you were a big boy and were done with it. I am a very thankful mommy that is one thing I don't have to get rid of.
Here is a snapshot of our week at the the beach :)
Dinner at Tacky Jacks right after we Arrived at the Beach

 First swim in the pool

 Toes in the Sand for the First Time
 Jason spending his First Father's Day on the beach with his little buddy
 Trying to get salt water on our boo boo on his little finger
 The water and people definitely captured Caleb's attention
 Happy Father's Day to Daddy and Big Daddy

Caleb got his First Seashell
 Chillin with Aunt Jenni
 Playing with Big Daddy in the condo
 First time in our little pool out on the beach was a HUGE success...he LOVED IT :)
 Getting ready to go out for dinner in our cute fishy shirt
 Headed to Diamond Jim's for dinner
 Followed by Dessert at Krispy Kreme
 Going shopping with the girls while the big boys go fishing...he sure was happy about shopping
 WOAH...look at all of those sea gulls
 This is a live shot of our new GUMMY GRIN AND SNORTING LAUGH
 Sweet pic of my favorite boys
 followed by another sweet pic of my other two favorite boys these two girls
 This pool is SO COOL!
 First "swim" in the ocean. He thought those waves were so funny!
Love my little family
 Silly boys
 Caleb loves to pretend like he is getting momma
 Finally...a pic of a sleeping baby...this moment was few and far between :)
 Getting ready for dinner at Mikee's and a trip to The Wharf
 Something was super funny
 Big Boy ready to go get dinner
 He fell asleep for a very FEW minutes at The Wharf
 Love this Man
 Watching the Laser Light was super cool by the way
 Momma T and Caleb hanging out at The Track
 The Go-Cart riding crew
 Caleb got to ride his first ride...A DUMPTRUCK :)
 Cheering on the Go-Cart racers :)
Family pic at the Shark Mouth store
We were so blessed to have such a wonderful trip with our family. We made so many memories and shared LOTS of laughs and maybe even a few tears :)