Saturday, August 23, 2014

22 Month Fun :)

Rick and Bubba Outdoor Expo= Free Fishing Pole for Caleb and lots of fun catching invisible fish

Father's Day Fun with Daddy and Splash Adeventure
Working hard on Daddy's Fathers Day Gift
The Completed Project :)... PERFECT!
 On our way to the beach
 Lots of Wave Jumping
 Fun in the Pool
 Master Sand Castle builder
 The Whole Beach Crew
Children's Hand on Museum with friends
Splash Pad play day with GREAT friends
The Whole Crew after a long day at the Splash Pad
Meeting Baby August for the First Time
Rainy Day fun at the mall
Having some fun hanging out with Uncle Scotty and Aunt Jenni
Waterpark fun with girlfriend Ava :)
Showing Aunt Jill how to go down the Blue Slide
Checking out the horses at Uncle Billy and Aunt Regina's lake place

Fourth of July Fun at the Lake
Finally Braving the tunnel at the Park
22 Months
Health:  Still weighing in at a whopping 271/2 pounds. This month we got the dreaded Hand, Foot, Mouth. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can really be done except let it run the course. The sores were mainly on his legs and arms. Didn't bother him too much, but just look pitiful :(

Nutrition: Still drinking  5 ounces of milk in the morning and at night. We have discovered a HUGE LOVE of juice boxes ( Capri Suns). Mommy was worried that these would be a huge mess, but actually he does really well. Also loving POPSICLES.

Sleep: Great Sleeper...he is enjoying this summer break with mommy and sleeping until around 8 each day. 

Toys: We have been carrying around a little laptop around ( especially in the car) claiming " I gotta do my work".

Skills: Great with colors, counting to 12 very consistent, talking in three to five word sentences. My favorite this month... Caleb was riding on his Mickey car. 
Mommy said, " Where you going?"
Caleb said, " Big Ball Store" which is Target
Mommy said, " What are you going to buy?"
Caleb said, " Blue Juice, Green Juice and Diapers" all of which we buy practically every Target trip. 

Clothing: Still in 18 month pants and 24 months and 2T in shirts. 
So many WONDERFUL memories were made this month with this little stinker. We are definitely making the most of each summer day staying busy and having fun with our wild man. I pray that in all of the fun we are having that we are showing God's love to those around us and letting our light shine.

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above" James 1:17