Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend!

This was Caleb's first Easter and before I show you all of the excitement we have had over the past couple of days let me tell you about what we want for Caleb to understand about Easter. Easter is about serving a RISEN savior. It's about  God sending his ONLY SON to die on a cross for you and for me. This year has sort of changed my whole perspective on the LOVE and RELATIONSHIP God had for his ONLY SON and still he sent him to die a terrible death on cross for me. Having a son of my I own now I can't imagine what it was like for God to watch his PERFECT son endure the pain and suffering he did on the cross. I have a much greater appreciation and understanding this Easter of the sacrifice my God made for me. Thank you LORD for loving me when I am so unworthy.
A few weeks ago we had Easter pictures made with a sweet little bunny that Caleb nearly paralyzed. Other than that the pictures turned out so cute (thank you to YourPBJ ). Here a few pics from our Easter pictures.

Caleb's Easter weekend started with a school party on Friday. Each kid brought a goodie to share with their friends.

After his school party and nap time :) Big Daddy, Momma T and Aunt Jenni picked this sweet boy up from school and took him to see the Easter bunny while mommy went to a party for a sweet friend and while daddy went to our church's Good Friday service. Caleb spent the night with Big Daddy and Momma T (which is always a fun time) and mommy rode with daddy to the hunting club to turkey hunt or maybe taking a nap in the woods is a little more like it (SUPER WIFE...I KNOW)!
On Saturday, we celebrated Aunt Jenni and Aunt Jill's birthday with dinner at Logan's.

After Logan's this mommy REALLY wanted Krispy Kreme, so we went to Krispy Kreme with Aunt Jill and Uncle Chris. This was your first real trip to Krispy Kreme (you have had several drive thru trips...shhh don't tell mommy's bad habit)!
 "Welcome to Krispy Kreme"
 The Krispy Kreme box makes a really good drum.
Sunday morning we woke up and the Easter bunny found his way to our house to visit sweet Caleb.

 Checking out his goodies
 I love my swim shirt
"OMG...I can't believe the Easter Bunny came to see me!"
After checking out our Easter basket goodies we all got ready and went to our early service at church. It was such a great time celebrating my GOD who isn't dead, who isn't in a tomb, but who is  ALIVE  and living in me!
After church we went to Uncle Billy and Aunt Regina's for Easter lunch.

After lunch it was time to come home for nap time. After nap time I tried to snap a few more pictures of our sweet man, but pictures aren't so easy these days with such a wild boy!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend and each holiday I spend with my family makes me realize just how blessed I am!
"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay." Matthew 28:6

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh What a Wonderful Week!

This teacher mommy finally made it to SPRING BREAK! This week has really made me realize that one of the reasons I chose this occupation  is because the schedule would  be perfect for raising a family. I could not agree more...I had so much fun hanging out with my little man all week.
Here are a few HIGHLIGHTS from our fun filled week.
Last Saturday started off with a fun basket shower for Aunt Jenni and Uncle Scott. Poor Caleb went to another girl party( it's ok the ladies LOVE him)!
Sisters with the bride to be
Jenni and her little man
After the shower the weather was BEAUTIFUL so we took our COOL DUDE on a little walk. He LOVED it and even fell asleep sunglasses and all!
After church on Sunday we enjoyed another sunny day at TanneHill trade days with some of my work friends and their babies.

 Enjoying Trade Days
 Hanging with the Dad's
After trade days this mommy had to get a few pictures of this cutie
  Ryleigh, Caleb and Gage

 Boys will be BOYS...first time playing in the dirt

After a few pictures and ice cream we headed for the swings for the first time

After we got home this St.Patrick's day cutie was ready for a nap
The rest of our Spring Break week was full of fun, firsts and friends :) First zoo trip, doctor's appointments, celebrating birthdays and LOTS of cuddle time with mommy (he will only be little once...I can't resist)
First Zoo Trip...another post with pics coming soon :)...STAY TUNED
Six Month Check-up
Hanging out with cousin Aubrey...the Big Birthday Girl
 Having Fun at your friend Hudson's 1st Birthday
What a FUN and BUSY week with my sweet boy! I loved having time to spend with my little man and even sneaking in some mommy time (shopping alone...very rare these days) and some mommy and daddy time (couples massage...WONDERFUL by the way)! Love making memories with my sweet family and friends...BLESSED!