Friday, August 14, 2015

Easter 2015

Before the pictures, and the candy, and the egg part of this Easter Blog I want to reflect on the time our family had celebrating what Easter is all about. The Thursday night before Easter our church did a walkthrough journey of the life of Jesus titled "Portraits of Grace." This journey was a hands on experience to help you to see, smell, hear what Jesus went through during his time on Earth. This put your heart and mind in perspective to be able to reflect upon these events throughout Easter weekend. We also attended our Good Service Friday night that took  us to the place of OUR SAVIOR dying on the cross and being buried in the tomb.
Praise the Lord though on Sunday morning we CELBRATED that my God is bigger than death and a tomb and they can not hold him down. On the third day he AROSE!!
 Ready for Easter Party Day
 Party Day with friends at Mrs. Kay's house
 "Check out this little light up chick."
 After party day Caleb and I snuck over to our neighbors house and "Egged" their yard. We filled their yard full of candy filled eggs and then rang their doorbell and left them a note letting them know that they had been "Egged." Of course, Caleb wanted to hunt the eggs he had just hidden so we stayed to help clean up our egging mess!
 On Saturday, we went to our church's Easter Egg Hunt. Feelings haven't changed very much since last year on how we feel about the Easter Bunny.
 He was a Pro at finding the Easter Eggs
 Checking to see what was inside the egg
 "Look, I got LOTS and LOTS of eggs!"
 He loves his cousin Aubrey
 Saturday evening, we had a little impromptu Easter egg hunt with some friends from church
 The boys are on the search for the prize egg
 Looking serious about this Easter Egg hunting thing
 Look who found the Prize egg!!!
 We ended our egg hunt with reading the Easter story and teaching our sweet kiddos what Easter is all about!
 The Easter Bunny found our new house
 Checking out his Easter Basket goodies
Just reading his new dinosaur book the Easter bunny brought
 Sporting his Easter outfit :)
We all coordinated this year in our yellow and blue Easter attire!

 After church, we went to Uncle Billy and Aunt Regina's house for Easter lunch and the annual Easter egg hunt for the little kid and the little kids at heart :)
 "I found an orange one"
We ended our Easter evening with a prayer time at church on Sunday night and then it was back to work on Monday!

Oh May!!

The month of May was pretty exciting for our little family. Last month of school (WOO HOO), Mother's Day, a new baby was born in the family, mommies ONLY beach trip and just plain ol lots of FUN!
 Just Cooling off in his little pool while Mommy and Daddy worked in the yard.
 Officially ask why... he is fully POTTY TRAINED!!
 Happy Mother's Day
 My momma with her girls on Mother's Day
 Getting some Nanny loving on Mother's Day
 Gage and Caleb having so much fun at Ryleigh's birthday party
Girls only beach trip
 While Mommy is away Caleb and Daddy had lots of fun
 Getting that wind blown look

 Super-hero night at Chic-fil-A
 Welcome to the world sweet Allie Scott
The proud big cousin
 The Family
 Getting some Aunt Jenni and Allie Scott loving
Another day equals another visit with sweet Allie Scott. We can't get enough of this sweet girl!