Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day 3 on the Disney Dream

Day 3 we woke up in Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. We were so excited to just spend the day on the beach playing in the sand and relaxing in the beautiful turquoise water. The morning of Castaway Cay there is a 5K on the island. My hubby, Trey and Brodee decided to brave the scorching heat of the island and run the 5K. The 5K runners were the first to disembark off the ship and go to the island. After the race was over we met up with the boys and began our relaxing beach day.
The boys after they finished their 5K
Dad and his little buddy doing a little relaxing under the palm trees
Our best attempt at an island selfie
I could just eat this little beach bum to pieces
This water is pure paradise
A little visit to Disney's Mt. Rustmore
Our best attempt at the famous picture in front of the cruise ship...always a must
The sun was bright and our bodies were tired after our long beach day. 
P.S. check out the size of this massive ship
Day 3 was pirate night. The menu and the events for the evening were all pirate themed. We concluded the evening with a Mickey Pirate show and fireworks at sea.
Pirate Donald
Pirate Minnie
A perfect picture to show how all of the windows were decorated for Halloween on the ship.

We are ready for the Pirate Mickey show

The show ended with Captain Mickey and his crew defeating Captain Hook and celebrating with an amazing fireworks show!

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